Is there anything worse than a bad investment?

You invested in your website when you bought a domain, paid for hosting, and paid a web designer… but how much has it earned for you?

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If your website is bad your sales will be bad, too.


If your website isn’t set up the way your customers want to use it, then it isn’t gonna make you any money… even if the design is absolutely gorgeous.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the graphics and colors on your website don’t have very much to do with getting sales online (despite what most web designers tell you).

It’s all about functionality.

Your website has to be able to capture leads in the best way for your business to make the sale.

That could be by scheduling appointments, accepting emails, making direct transactions, getting phone calls, or running a live chat… AND all those things have to work on a phone, a tablet, a computer, a PC, a Mac, an XBox 1, a PS4, a laptop, a chromebook, and any other possible way your customers could access the internet.

Your business is too unique to thrive with an out-of-the-box theme slapped together with your logo and brand colors.

Nobody can buy from you if they don't know you exist.

Even if you have the best website in Oregon you can’t make sales from it if nobody uses it (duh). The important second step is marketing your website so people actually find it and use it.

Here’s how we help the right people find your website when they need it:

1. We find keywords that get thousands of searches every month.

This is so we can position your business in front of a consistent stream of fresh traffic.

2. We only choose keywords that have a high purchase intent.

When someone searches “shoes” they might be window shopping, but when someone looks for “red high heels with open toe” they’re really ready to buy.

3. Every page has a specific purpose.

We don’t just write blogs for the sake of having one. Every page on the website has a specific purpose. The home page is a directory of everything available. The about you section is a history of you and your business. The contact form is a way for customers to get ahold of you. The service pages are for people to buy what you offer. Every page is designed and written to help the user and move them towards the next step of the sale.

You wanted a website designed and marketed that actually looks good and actually makes you money. I didn’t have to go out and find you. You looked up my services and thanks to our marketing Get Found showed up in your search results.

Our comprehensive SEO campaigns optimize your website in 5 phases:

On-Page SEO

Every page on your website has its own purpose and goal. We’ll make sure each page works together instead of stepping on each other’s toes.

Technical SEO

Being great for humans isn’t enough; your page needs to impress the robots that are responsible for searches. We'll add the codes the robots use.


Engaging, high-quality content that helps users is THE number one difference for sites that make it to page 1 and sites that stay on page 10.

Off-Page SEO

Now that your site’s in great shape, it’s time to spread the word through link building, press & media releases, and social shares.

User Experience

You’ve got the customers, so let’s make ’em happy! Read and analyze tracking data to keep doing what makes customers happy and stop doing what doesn't.

Our skilled team of web developers is your asset.

Small Business Websites We've Worked With

Harvest Land Wiki

We took a brand new wiki site for a mobile game to 400 visitors from search per month within 3 months and more than tripled their revenue every month for the first 3 months. Talk about hitting the ground running! We're on track to get to the top 3 positions on over 40 more keywords still!

Sir Paints A Lot

We created long-form high quality content into master pages that were focused on getting more clients to make appointments for each specific service. Then we custom coded a program for clients to electronically sign off on paperwork when the job was done, followed by an automated messaging sequence teaching them how to maintain their new property and encouraging them to leave a review for the business.

Eugene Family Chiropractic

We *DOUBLED* a chiropractors monthly visitors by designing a comprehensive, functional website complete with on-page and technical SEO. We wrote tons of content to help users answer questions about chiropractic techniques and then we made it easy for them to book an appointment online or through a phone call. The end result from all that traffic? $25,000 in new business!

Environmental Testing & Training NW

We designed the website for ETTNW, an environmental testing and training agency. We included class calendars and training schedules and made it easy to find them in search. Now they get over 25 calls a month for enrollments and test requests!

We have worked with over


satisfied clients!

The Reviews Are In

Meet the Team at Get Found

Get Found was started in the southern Willamette Valley. A lot has happened since then, but the basic premise of our business remains the same: we’re here to get your business found online with a different mindset from other web development companies.

Just what makes us different? We:

  • Aren’t afraid to return a phone call or a text.
  • Are totally cool with meeting you in person.
  • Can bill web development monthly instead of all up-front (WITHOUT any long-term commitments.)
  • Our hobbies are web development. That’s why we started Get Found in the first place. Our competitors love to talk about hiking and a great kayak ride they went on. Kayak “ride?” We’re not even sure that’s the right way to say that. Suffice to say, we’re pretty technology-orientated around here.
  • Some of us have pets, though. Are pets a hobby? Tell us in our contact form, there’s some debate in the office on this one.
  • Listen to your needs. We’ve got a way we like to do things, but our ways are only recommendations. We’re flexible!

Want your website to (finally) start making you money?

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