Portland Web Design and Digital Marketing

You've done it. You've found what your small business needs to drive more traffic to your website and convert that traffic.

We'd congratulate you, but it wasn't that hard to find us, was it?

That's what we do. No matter how you define a conversion, we'll help you get more of them. More phone calls? Yes. More e-mail contacts? Absolutely. More on-page sales? Of course.

Whether it's a new web site, a tune-up, social media marketing, SEO, or something else entirely, we have the skills to supercharge your website.

The only thing we can't do is tell you how to celebrate your success.

Portland Web Design

It starts with having a great website. We see all kinds of websites here, from clunkers in need of a total overhaul to great sites that just need a little touch-up.

Whichever end of the spectrum your site falls on, we’re not going to sell you anything you don’t need. And, of course, our initial consultation is always free of charge.

A site from us is always mobile-friendly and ready to hit the first page of Google results.

Portland SEO

Having a killer website that’s ready to convert isn’t enough; you need to get clients to your site. Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect plan for you. Every SEO plan is customized, but you can generally expect to see roughly this pattern:


On-Page SEO

Every page on your website has its own purpose and goal. We’ll make sure they aren’t stepping on each other’s toes.


Being great for humans isn’t enough; your page needs to impress the robots that are responsible for searches.



The first two steps give your site a great breadth of authority; now it’s time to give you depth, too.



Link building and promotion. Now that your site’s in great shape, it’s time for us to spread the word.


User Experience

You’ve got the eyeballs, so let’s make ’em happy! Happy clients yield more happy clients; unhappy clients yield none.

The Reviews Are In...

About Get Found

Get Found was started in the southern Willamette Valley. A lot has happened since then, but the basic premise of our business remains the same: we’re here to get your business found online with a different mindset from other web development companies. Just what makes us different? We:
  • Aren’t afraid to return a phone call.
  • Are totally cool with meeting you in person.
  • Can bill web development monthly instead of everything up-front.
  • Basically don’t have hobbies. We’re almost machines convert caffeine into ideas. Our competitors love to talk about hiking and a great kayak ride they went on. Kayak “ride?” We’re not even sure that’s the right way to say that. Suffice to say, we’re pretty technology-orientated around here.
  • Some of us have pets, though. Are pets a hobby? Tell us in our contact form, there’s some debate in the office on this one.
  • Listen to your needs. We’ve got a way we like to do things, but our ways are only recommendations. We’re flexible!


If you’ve scrolled this far, it means we’ve talked the talk. See how we’ve walked the walk.